Hacked Website Recovery and Prevention Measures


If the worst were to happen and your site were hacked, would you know what to do?

Unlike some services which run an automated script to remove anything that looks suspicious (regardless of whether it might break your site), I perform a manual inspection and removal of malware. This service also includes security measures and recommendations for your site’s future safety.

Hack recovery services include:

  • Manual inspection and cleaning of your site;
  • Replacing WordPress and plugin files with clean copies;
  • Updates to WordPress core;
  • Updates to plugins and themes;
  • Reviewing and scrubbing the database as needed;
  • Adding security measures to help prevent a recurrence of the attack;
  • Additional recommendations as needed for the safety of your site.

Note: Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to attack websites, and no one can guarantee that your site will be completely protected forever.