Typecast is now free — but is it worth it?

Typecast for free?


Well… yes and no.

Typecast, a design tool for prototyping web type, web pages, and responsive web design, recently announced with great fanfare that their service is now free for single designers. (Plans with more than one user still require monthly fees.)

But is it useful?

I took a look at their free plan.

“Anyone can start an account, begin experimenting with type, and build detailed designs. In addition, we’ll automatically be bundling our free account with Fonts.com’s Free plan—which includes permissions to put 3,000 fonts from their web font library on live websites.”

So Typecast’s free account includes Google fonts (which are free anyway) and Fonts.com’s free fonts (which are free anyway but limited to 25,000 page views per month — for all fonts in use across all your sites).


Who would find this new free plan useful?

If you are a designer who wants access to web fonts for prototyping, to set up a live site for clients to see in the browser, it may be something to take a look at.

Developers who would be creating sites to be viewed by more than a handful of people each month, and clients with live sites, would still need a paid plan, which can be pricey. (Paid plans range from $10/month for a three-user Typecast plan, escalating quickly to $500/month for a 15 -user Monotype membership, and soaring into the stratosphere from there.)

My opinion: [Disclaimer –I have not personally used Typecast.] From what I’ve seen on their website and blog describing the new free plan, it doesn’t seem worth trying out. If you need Google fonts, they are free. If you need Fonts.com fonts, sign up with them for a limited free plan.

What are your thoughts?