Tanja Gardner

When you’re just launching a new biz and you’re panicking because everything seems to be going wrong, Kate’s level of calm, confident competence is invaluable.

Plus, her sense of humour is nearly as dodgy as mine – which is always a plus when it comes to working with a provider.

She’s basically a WordPress sorceress. What can I say? If you’re on WordPress, check her out. I mean it. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Hugh Bishop

I have *personally experienced* what it is to have Kate’s heavy-duty power knowledge available to me at all times, whenever I have a question about whether or how something can be done.

Working with Kate has transformed me from an “I thought I knew enough” kind of person, to an “I am *so* glad that I asked Kate to help me” person. I am a loyal customer of Kate’s extensive body of knowledge about all things WordPress.

LaVonne Ellis

Whenever I have a tough tech question, I go to Kate. She knows WordPress inside and out. She can solve almost any problem, explaining complex stuff in respectful, plain English. Kate makes me smarter!