Ellen Lindner

Kate, I’m mentally singing your praises as I’m working on my website. My computer completely crashed and hubby had to reload everything. Which meant that I had to, once again, figure out how to set up the remote server for my website. But, with only a little digging, I found an email from you WITH A SCREEN SHOT of exactly what I needed! Awesome!

Thank you!

Flora Aubé

I am thrilled about the recent launch of my first eCourse.

Although this dream had been percolating for a year, I was overwhelmed by the technology and my progress was stalled.

After an initial phone call with Kate, who is extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient, my dream took flight. She integrated the necessary platform with my website and the result is beautiful and seamless.

I would HIGHLY recommend her for any website needs, and wouldn’t hesitate to call on her expertise any time in the future.

Sandi Wedemeier

Kate and I worked by phone for several hours to go over how to do things. I feel so much more comfortable working on my website now because of that. Kate rocks my world!

Lianne Bremer

I had the privilege of working alongside Kate Newbill on a recent project, and I was so very impressed with her professionalism, expertise, and her ability to discern what the client wanted and to present it in the best way.

Kate knows her stuff. She understands the intricacies of programming, design, and how to use technology to accomplish exactly what you want. I highly recommend her to anyone, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Ellen Lindner

Kate is the best stress reducer around! Taking on this web stuff makes me feel like I’m tackling Goliath. But, Kate quickly and calmly talks me through it and I find that I can easily manage it, after all.

Laureen Marchand

Kate at 2FishWeb has been my go-to WordPress website problem solver for ages now. She’s fast, responsive, and really, really knowledgeable. Usually we work by email but she’s taught me by Skype too, and she makes it all seem easy.

Whether it’s a new project, ongoing care, or trouble-shooting when I need it, she’s there for me. I can’t thank her enough – and you won’t be able to either!

Maria Elkins

I’m very grateful that Kate Newbill and 2FishWeb have the expertise to solve every WordPress and website problem I’ve puzzled over. Kate’s work was quick, efficient, and thorough. I haven’t had a single problem since she fine tuned my blog. 2FishWeb was a pleasure to work with.