How to change the “Admin” user in WordPress

Prior to version 3.0, new installations of WordPress set up the first username as “admin.” If you’ve been upgrading your blog software at regular intervals, you may have the latest version yet still be blogging as “admin.” Using the default name makes it a bit easier for hackers — instead of having to guess or crack two pieces of information, they can assume the username is admin and concentrate on the password.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your username from the WordPress dashboard. Here’s how to do it without having to edit the database or dip your toes into MySQL.

Log in as “admin.” Go to Users -> Add New. Fill out the information for yourself, choosing a different username. (Remember that usernames are case-sensitive: If you sign up as “laura,” you can’t sign in as “Laura.”) Choose “Administrator” from the dropdown menu. Click “Add New User.”

Now sign out and sign back in using your new username. In the lefthand column of the Dashboard, click on Users.

Under the Admin username, click Delete.

Now you will see a screen allowing you to move all the “admin” posts and comments to your new username. Select the correct name and click “Confirm Deletion.”

That’s all there is to it! You’re done, and your blog is one step safer.