Disaster-proof your WordPress website

Disaster-proof your WordPress website

It was a long holiday weekend. I was in the mountains for a short getaway when my phone rang. A client. I knew it was an emergency because she never calls outside of business hours.

“Kate! I’m at my wits’ end. My site’s been down since Thursday and tech support says they don’t know when they can have it back up. We’re in the middle of a program launch and we’re losing money every day. What do I do?”

A friend of mine called one morning in tears.
“I just went to write my weekly blog post and I found this on the front page.”

“Oh, Kate, what do I do?”

He forwarded an email from his webhosting company.

“We’re sorry to inform you that the server which housed your site suffered catastrophic hardware failure last night. We have moved your account to another server, but unfortunately, all data was lost and is unrecoverable. Please contact tech support if you need assistance in restoring from your local backup.”

The rest of his email to me was filled with frustration and f-bombs.

“I don’t have a f-ing local backup! They advertise that they do all the backups and now the backups are just f-ing gone! What the f do I do now?”


If any of these things happened to you, would you be able to recover? Would you know who to call or what to do?

“But wait,” you say. “My webhost is one of the biggest companies out there. Anyway, my website is tiny. No one’s going to hack my site. This isn’t going to happen to me.”

“Why do you rob banks, Willie?”

“Because that’s where the money is.”
– Willie Sutton

Did you know that WordPress now runs almost 25% of all sites on the Internet? It’s a big target. And most of those are tiny sites that don’t get a huge amount of traffic.

That’s why hackers aim for them. They’re easy to break into.

Look.   I’m not one of those frantic TV weather people screaming DOOOOOOM because a hurricane is spinning up and might be headed your way. I’m telling you that when a hurricane is out there — even if it might not hit you — it’s better to be prepared than huddle in the dark and hope for the best.

If you’re in business and your site is important, you need to have a plan — just in case the hurricane does head your way. I’ve got some great insight for you and I want to help so you can sleep at night.

And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Because I know how important this is and I want you to be prepared.

In this live call, I’ll teach you:

  • all the ways that something can go wrong
  • specific steps to take TODAY to prevent disaster
  • the secrets to keeping your site safe that hackers don’t want you to know
  • exactly what to do the instant you find you’ve been hacked
  • how to identify what has happened
  • what to do the moment you know something has gone wrong
  • how to get your site back online with the minimum of downtime and loss of income.

I’ll give you names and links for plugins…. AND provide you a handy template/reference/resource that you can post right next to every computer.

You’ll have time to ask questions and get answers, right there during the call.

You’ll also receive the replay to listen to whenever you need to refresh your disaster plan.

When you complete this class you’ll be able to set up your personal disaster-prevention plan right away.


A one-hour live phone call with me. There will be plenty of time at the end for your questions.


Monday, September 22 at 3:00 pm Central time.

It’s for you if:

  • You’re a business owner with a WordPress website — even if you have a trusted website magician.
  • You are a trusted website magician who creates or manages WordPress websites for your clients.

It’s not for you if:

  • You really know nothing about WordPress and would rather leave all that technical stuff up to your web wizard. (In which case, please point said wizard to this page.)

How much?

Just $35.00.

(How much would it cost you if your site were down and there wasn’t a way to get it back?)

Sound good? Let’s get your plan in place.