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When the Hackers Come Sniffing Around

Earlier this week I was working in a client’s site and noticed an odd error log in the theme folder. I’ve been seeing a high number of attacks on WordPress sites in the past months, so my spidey sense was on high alert. I downloaded and opened the error log and found four or five identical entries that looked like this: Continue reading

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How to add Title tags to links

In the edit window, type in the text that you want to show as your link text, such as “More information.” Select it and click on “link” if you are using the HTML editor or the link icon if you … Continue reading

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Curly quotes and inch marks

When you type a paragraph into WordPress, the software automatically converts your straight quotes into angled or curly quotes, like so: "Good morning, world!" becomes “Good morning, world!” But what if you are writing something that requires straight quotes, such … Continue reading

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Watermarking images

It’s impossible to completely prevent someone from downloading and saving any image that you post on the Internet. As a matter of fact, every time someone opens your web page in a browser, a copy of each image is temporarily … Continue reading

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US Postal Rate increase – is your shopping cart ready?

On January 22, 2012, US Postal Service will raise rates on First Class and most package service classes. First-class mail rates are rising from 44 cents to 45 cents, so this might be a good time to stock up on … Continue reading

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Help for the Holidays (especially for introverts)

Uh oh… the holidays. That joyous time of year when we go to Grandma and Grampa’s house to “celebrate” with all those relatives we haven’t seen since last year. Uncle George, who tells the same elk-hunting-in-the-mountains story every single year, … Continue reading

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Free for a tweet? Ummmmm….

I’ve noticed a new marketing trend lately. We’re all accustomed to marketers offering something free — an ebook, a white paper, a useful template or sales tool — in exchange for your email address on their mailing list. That technique … Continue reading

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A Basic Guide to Cloud Services

Question from a client this morning: What do you know about these cloud services — where you can put your files on the cloud so you can access from anywhere — and it is also a way to back up … Continue reading

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How to change the “Admin” user in WordPress

Prior to version 3.0, new installations of WordPress set up the first username as “admin.” If you’ve been upgrading your blog software at regular intervals, you may have the latest version yet still be blogging as “admin.” Using the default … Continue reading

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The Great Blogger Outage – How to protect your content

Last week, the Blogger service was down for two days, during which time people could not add posts or comments. Even scarier, several days’ worth of material disappeared temporarily. Eventually everything was restored, but this was yet another example of … Continue reading

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