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What happens if your site gets hacked?

Yesterday I was discussing site updating and WordPress security with a potential client. She was genuinely curious as to why keeping her site up to date mattered.

“Why,” she asked, “would hackers even target my site? I’m just a small professional in the Midwest. I don’t have a huge audience. My site’s not important enough to hack. And besides, if they did hack into it, what could happen?”

Ooooh… good questions.

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They’re going phishin’ — and your money is the prize.

Fishing NetsHave you noticed an increase in the number of suspicious phone calls in the last year? Yes, me too. A few years ago, the only wrong numbers that came to my home phone were for the local cleaners or credit union, which have phone numbers very similar to mine. But in the past few years, it seems that about 75% of the calls to my home phone are either trying to sell me an alarm system, telling me my credit card payment is past due, or that I can be easily approved for Social Security Disability payments — even if I’m not disabled!

What’s going on?

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