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4GoodThings: June 18, 2011

Quick links to interesting articles I’ve found this week

Introverted man with paper bag over head

Ten Myths About Introverts

Introverts are often considered shy or socially inept people who don’t like other people, but this is not true. Introverts, who make up about 25-30% of the population, are defined as people who gain energy from being alone or with a small group of people. Extraverts*, on the other hand, need to be around other people; isolation saps their energy instead of feeding it.

Carl King discusses some of the common misconceptions about introverts, why they act as they do, and what you can do to ease interactions with them. Favorite quote:

“You cannot escape us, and to change us would lead to your demise.” <-- I made that up. I'm a screenwriter.

I’ve been intending for at least two years to write a review of The Introvert Advantage. Carl beat me to it. Go read his article instead.

*Derived from the Latin prefix extra-, meaning outside, but often spelled “extrovert” to match “introvert.” Both spellings are accepted as correct.

Disclosure: I’m a card-carrying introvert and everything he says is true from my point of view. I am not, however, a screenwriter.

Google logo

Google Launches Tool for Online Reputation Management

You don’t have to worry about your online reputation to use this new tool from Google. If you have alerts set up — possibly to keep tabs on whether your artwork shows up in unauthorized places — you can benefit from having one central place to check for new references. Set up your Google profile and activate your dashboard.

Finger Painting: How A Realist Painter Makes Art with the iPad

Amazing. And all I manage to do is get smudges on the screen of my iPad.

How fast does your website load?

Google’s page ranking algorithm is placing an increasing amount of weight on how fast your site loads. If all other factors are the same, the faster-loading site moves up and the slower one moves down. is a simple way to measure the speed of your site. Just type in the URL of the page and wait for the result. If the answer is about 2-3 seconds or less, you’re in pretty good shape.

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4GoodThings: June 11, 2011

Quick links to interesting articles I’ve found this week

Ten Ways to Improve Your Fiber Art Photography Now

The “fiber art” in these tips is primarily yarn and items made from yarn rather than quilts or fabric, but the same principles of good photography apply.

Better Image Management with WordPress

Concise and well-written explanation of how to upload and link images in WordPress, how to create galleries, and how to optimize your images for the best search engine results.

It does get technical in places, but it’s easy to skip over the parts with code. Even if you only read the first section on “Understanding And Using Images,” you’ll find much useful information.

Embroidery on Eggs

Embroidery. With thread. On real (empty and cleaned) hen’s eggs. Just amazing. Go take a look!

15 Best Websites To Find And Download eBooks

The 15 sites listed are aimed somewhat toward designers and information technology professionals, but there are many art- and marketing-related books available on these sites as well.

In addition, don’t forget the Amazon Kindle store. Their free offerings generally include fiction from newer authors and older, public-domain titles, but there is a wealth of free information you can have for the download. If you don’t own a Kindle, just grab the free Kindle app for your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, or other device.

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