I’ve been working with WordPress since 2004 (version 1.2 — almost as long as WordPress has been around!).

I’m also an artist and a writer, and I’m really good at translating from tech-speak. I’m good at helping you understand the technical stuff about websites.

You see, it’s like math. Or French. Or any other subject that you may have learned in school but don’t work with every day. It’s hard to remember things when you read about them once, or take a single class.

I use this web stuff every day. It’s in my fingers and deep in my bones. And I can explain it, teach it to you, in a way that makes sense to you, even if you are a painter or a writer or a coach.

Here’s what I have coming up.

I’d love to see you there.

Coming soon:

  • Why hosting matters and how to choose the right webhost
  • Protecting your website: best practices for security
  • Before the disaster – preparing a recovery plan before something happens to your website
  • Selling online (Part 1) – questions to consider before you start
  • Selling Online (Part 2): Using your answers from Part 1 to choose an ecommerce solution for your website
  • Beginner’s Guide to WordPress (4 weeks)

About the Classes

One-session classes are $49. The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress (four sessions) is $175.

All classes are broadcast live with video, lasting about 60-90 minutes. I’ll demonstrate and show you on the WordPress dashboard exactly what to expect about the topic I’m covering. You may ask questions on a chat board during the broadcast and I will answer as many as possible.

Recordings will be available to participants via a private YouTube link after the broadcast. In most cases, there will also be supplemental resources and downloadable material available by private link.

All you need for these classes is a web browser. No call-in is required.