I can take care of your website after it’s completed, whether it’s hosted with me or with someone else.

From hosting your site, to keeping WordPress and plugins updated, to security measures to prevent hackers from getting in, I’ll make sure that your site runs smoothly so that you can take care of your business.

Caring Services

Hourly Packages

When you only need occasional help on your site, prepurchase hours by the block to gain these advantages:

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  • Priority response: We already have your website information and can jump right in to troubleshoot or review the added functioning you want for your site.
  • Continuity: You know who is working on your site. We have all your history ready, so we don’t have to get up to speed before we can start.
  • Savings: The more hours you purchase, the more you save. Hours are good for one year following purchase.
One hour for website updates, maintenance, or additions. Good for one year after purchase.

Three hours for website updates, maintenance, or additions. Good for one year after purchase.

Five hours for website updates, maintenance, or additions. Good for one year after purchase.

Maintenance Retainers

Our managed WordPress hosting takes care of the back end of your website. If you need ongoing content maintenance as well, consider one of these Maintenance Retainer packages. These plans cover:

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  • Updates visible to your site’s visitors, such as new images or text, new products in catalog, etc.;
  • New plugins installed and configured;
  • New site functionality, such as adding a newsletter signup box;
  • A $25/month discount on our managed WordPress hosting.
Discounted hosting, plus one hour per month for website updates, maintenance, or additions.

Discounted hosting, plus three hours per month for website updates, maintenance, or additions.

Discounted hosting, plus five hours per month for website updates, maintenance, or additions.

Note: Hours do not roll over.


When you host your website with 2FishWeb, you’re getting premium, personal, fully managed WordPress-centered hosting on a private server. That means your site loads fast. That your site is protected from hackers. That your site is backed up every day. That WordPress and your plugins are updated for you, automatically, anytime the software is updated.

It means you don’t need to worry about your website.

Your website and its content are your job, and they are what you love to do. Your site’s security is my job.

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  • Managed WordPress hosting;
  • Daily and weekly offsite backups;
  • Updates of WordPress core and plugins;
  • Premium plugins and themes at no extra charge.

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Backups and Updates

When you are hosted by 2FishWeb, your site is backed up automatically every day on the server, and once per week a backup is stored offsite. You have access to the latest daily and weekly backups at all times

Other hosts make backups at longer intervals, and you may not always have access to backups when you need them.

If you are hosted by another company, our Backup and Update plan provides peace of mind.

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The plan includes:

  • Daily offsite database backups;
  • Weekly offsite full backups (database plus wp-content);
  • Updates to WordPress core;
  • Updates to most plugins.*

* Premium plugins which cannot be updated through the WordPress dashboard are not included. Some ecommerce plugin updates (particularly custom template files) are not included in this service.

Theme updates are not included in the service but can be arranged as needed.

Annual (two months free)

Security Audit and Disaster Plans

Does your business depend on having your website up and running?

What would happen if people couldn’t reach your site for a day? A week? Or if it were hacked into and defaced?

Just like checking your tires and antifreeze before winter comes, its sensible to think about how to protect your website — the online face of your business — just in case.

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Audit and Disaster Plan Recommendations: I will review your site thoroughly, both inside and out. I’ll send you a detailed report of any security weaknesses I find, along with recommendations for fixing those. I’ll also send you a complete disaster plan for your site with exactly what you need to do to protect yourself from downtime from any source.

Implementation of recommendations: I’ll put in place the audit recommendations for securing your site and I’ll work with you to set up your personalized disaster plan.

Audit, plan, and implementation: Purchase both together and save.

Hack Recovery

If the worst were to happen and your site were hacked, would you know what to do?

Unlike some services which run an automated script to remove anything that looks suspicious (regardless of whether it might break your site), I perform a manual inspection and removal of malware. This service also includes security measures and recommendations for your site’s future safety.

Hack recovery services include:

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  • Manual inspection and cleaning of your site;
  • Replacing WordPress and plugin files with clean copies;
  • Updates to WordPress core;
  • Updates to plugins and themes;
  • Reviewing and scrubbing the database as needed;
  • Adding security measures to help prevent a recurrence of the attack;
  • Additional recommendations as needed for the safety of your site.

Note: Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to attack websites, and neither 2FishWeb nor anyone else can guarantee that your site will be completely protected forever.