I’m Kate Newbill, Renaissance Woman.

I built my first website in very basic HTML about 1998. My first exposure to WordPress (and my first blog) was in 2004, just a few months after it was first released. In 2010, after working with a number of other content management systems, I began to concentrate exclusively on WordPress for building websites.

As WordPress has become widely used, it has become a much bigger target for hackers to attack. In 2011, I began offering managed WordPress hosting, creating a safe and protected place for website owners. In 2013, I expanded my services to include prevention and recovery for those who had been hacked.

I do what I do because I care.

I love taking care of the business you love so you can stay focused on the work that delights you.

I’m the full-time face of 2FishWeb.

But I also work closely with colleagues in a number of specialties: social media specialists, graphic designers, virtual assistants, and coders who work miracles with JavaScript and other languages. Just about any website service you need, we can handle. You and your business are in good hands with 2FishWeb.

I won’t work with everyone.

The people I love best are passionate, committed, wholehearted. They are ready to invest in the things that matter most to their business. They recognize the value of great service.

Is this you? Then we should talk.

I’m Kate.

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