2FishWeb Total Care

Homeowner’s Insurance for Your Home on the Web.

Updates, upgrades, backup, back end – when you’re not a WordPress guru, it’s all scary stuff. It gets even scarier if you make a mistake and your site goes down.

  • What would happen if you upgraded to a new version of WordPress and your plugins stopped working?
  • What would you do if your hosting service vanished tomorrow?
  • Are you sure you’re safe from hackers?
  • What if your web host deleted your site and all your backups because they were infected with malware?
  • How much money would you lose if your WordPress site weren’t available to your customers for a day? A week?

If you can’t answer these questions, you need 2FishWeb Total Care.

We’ve got your back, and your backups.

2FishWeb Total Care will protect your WordPress site from hackers, unreliable hosting services and other internet bad guys. Like your homeowner’s insurance protects your investment in your home, Total Care protects your investment in your website.

Stop wasting your time reading conflicting advice online and struggling with it on your own. Spend your time doing what you do best and leave your website to the experts.

The Total Care Package includes:

  • An initial security audit of your site, database and plugins. We’ll find the places you’re vulnerable to baddies on the web and suggest ways you can protect yourself. The security audit is a $75 value, included in your first month of service.
  • A full daily backup of your website and databases. We’ll store the files on your web host’s server. This means that if one of your plugins fails, or you make changes you can’t undo, you have instant access to undamaged files.
  • A full weekly backup and secure remote file storage. If anything happens to your hosting service your site is not lost. You can retrieve the files and get back up and running in no time. Even if your site gets hacked, you still have access to undamaged files.
  • A daily security check. We’ll check up on your site every day to make sure it’s safe. We do the research on vulnerabilities while you get protection and peace of mind.
  • WordPress core and plugin upgrades. If your WordPress installation or plugins* need to be upgraded, we’ll take care of it. No worries, no hassles. Spend your time and energy on what you do best, not messing around with your website.
    *Themes are not updated as part of this service because in some cases, updating can destroy customizations you have made. If your theme needs to be updated — particularly if it’s a security issue — we’ll let you know and offer a separate estimate.
  • If the unthinkable happens and your site is hacked or compromised, we’ve got you covered. We’ll investigate and restore the most recent clean backup. We’ll get your site back up and working for you before you know it.
    If your site is hosted on a server other than 2FishWeb, we will restore the backup and secure your site as best as possible; however, because we can’t control the server, we can’t guarantee that the site will be free from further hack attempts.

As a 2FishWeb client you also get access to these bonuses:

  • CommentLuv Premium plugin: CommentLuv adds a link to your commenter’s most recents posts and allows them to add keywords to their comments while protecting you from spam. You make the rules about comments, keywords and links. Spreads the link love, without extra work. The premium version of CommentLuv is a $67/year value.
  • Backup Buddy: Although we keep daily and weekly backups of your site, you may want the added peace of mind of knowing you have a separate backup copy in a different place. We install Backup Buddy and configure it to save backups to your DropBox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3 account. Backup Buddy is an $80/year value.
  • Gravity Forms premium plugin, including all developer add-ons. You can quickly and easily create intake forms, sign up forms, contact forms, order forms or any other form you can dream up. You can customize them to the last detail, even schedule when the form is available. Gravity Forms premium is a $199/year value.
  • WordPress user manuals right inside your dashboard. You can view videos or download a PDF to read at leisure. Got a question about how to do something in WordPress? Don’t head to Google and try to make sense of the search results — all the answers are right there on your screen. Video/PDF user manuals are a $97 value.

You don’t even have to be a 2Fish hosting client to get peace of mind from the Total Care Package.

We’ve got you covered no matter who your host is.*

Total Care protection is $45/month with 2FishWeb hosting, $55/month on other hosts.

*On 2FishWeb’s servers, I can control all aspects of security. On certain other hosts, I can provide a lesser level of protection because I can’t control everything. On some hosts, I cannot provide an assurance of protection at all, and I will not offer my services for sites on those hosts.

This lesser control, which requires more work, is the reason the service costs more on other servers.

Note that theme upgrades are not included in this service, since theme upgrades can reset many of the basic customizations in your site. If you need a theme upgraded to a new version, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide an estimate.

Choose the Total Care package right for you:

Total Care plus 2FishWeb hosting

Total Care on other web hosting

Total Care plus 1 hour content updates per month

WordPress and plugin updates only (per year)

Still not sure? Contact us: we’re happy to help you figure out if Total Care is the right service for you.